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Everest Institute Programs

Choose from our diploma and degree programs in the field that most interests you. Get the knowledge, skills and experience employers demand.

Business and Accounting

  • Accounting - Whether it's basic bookkeeping, accounts receivable or payroll processing, every business uses people with accounting skills. At Everest Institute, you can get the knowledge, skills and experience you need to qualify for a range of entry-level accounting and clerking positions.
  • Business - The business field is as broad and vast as American free enterprise itself. Here you can learn the basic concepts of marketing, management and finance that can get you started in your business career with businesses large or small. Thinking of starting your own small business? Then business career training at Everest can provide the foundation you need to start building your business empire!

Health Care

  • Dental Assistant - Learn the skills and techniques you need to work in a modern dental practice. This could also be your first step to becoming a dental hygienist.
  • Massage Therapy - Massage is good for the body and the soul. Learn the art and science of professional massage. We have hundreds of program graduates who now work in day spas, resorts, clinics and on cruise ships!
  • Medical Assistant - Everest trains, graduates and places more medical assistants than any other school in America! Get expert training to become a vital part of a private medical practice or clinic staff.
  • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding - Medical billing and coding is the lifeblood of modern health care. Learn the "secret language" of codes that doctors and insurance companies use to track, record and bill for everything from the most basic to the most complex of medical and surgical procedures.
  • Pharmacy Technician - In less than a year*, you can train to work under a licensed pharmacist in any of the thousands of pharmacies throughout the United States. Learn both the technical and "people" skills you need to succeed in this vital profession.
  • Surgical Tech - Become a vital part of a hospital surgical team. Prepare yourself to provide critical support before, during and after life-saving medical procedures.


  • Paralegal - Today's paralegals do much of the routine work once done by attorneys alone. This includes legal research, writing briefs, preparing contracts, interviewing witnesses and assisting attorneys in trial. At Everest Institute, you can learn the skills you need to be part of a winning legal team.


  • Carpentry - Woodworking is a craft that's as old as civilization itself. At Everest, you can learn the most modern techniques for everything from homebuilding to custom cabinet making.
  • Electrician - Help keep the lights shining and our economy humming with the skills you learn at Everest Institute. Get hands-on training from experienced industry professionals who'll teach you to inspect, install, repair and replace a wide range of commercial and residential equipment.
  • HVAC - Becoming a heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional with quality training from Everest Institute. Whether you're repairing existing systems or installing HVAC in new construction, the skills you learn at Everest will last you a lifetime.
  • Plumbing Technology - Plumbing is actually an exact science, one that requires both physical and mental skills. You can acquire both at Everest under the instruction of seasoned industry professionals.

*Applies to diploma programs only. Associate degree programs take longer.
**Law enforcement agencies may require additional training.

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For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed a program, and other important information, please visit our website at http://www.everest.edu/disclosures.